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July 2020 Music Ministry Prayer Calendar


  1. Pray for our Music Ministry, that it may be effective in creating an atmosphere of praise and worship.

  2. Pray that God will send new choir and orchestra members that we may project a full and uplifting sound so that He may be glorified.

  3. Pray that God will be THE FOCUS of our worship.

  4. Pray that our Nation and leaders:  that God will give our leaders wisdom and for our military who are serving to protect our freedoms.

  5. Pray for the Celebration Orchestra as they seek to magnify the Lord through music.  On this first day as we begin our modified choir & orchestra in worship.

  6. Pray for the members of our choir and orchestra, that they be faithful to rehearsals, making it a priority and realizing that to give our best we must prepare.

  7. Pray for Andre that July will be a time for him to rest as well as plan for the coming year.  Also, that the Lord will give him guidance and strength as he leads the music ministry of FBC.

  8. Pray for our nation as we continue to return to “normal” from the coronavirus.

  9. Pray for Vision ensemble, that they rehearse and prepare throughout the year so that Jesus is magnified in their singing.

  10. Pray that those in the Music Ministry will develop deep and lasting relationships that are a testimony of God’s love.  After all, it’s More than Music.

  11. Pray for Austin Ratliff (Music Associate) as he serves in the music ministry of our church.

  12. Pray for Richard & Tracy as they play each week in both worship and rehearsals.

  13. Pray that we share the message of love and joy as we present our Christmas musical.

  14. Pray for the Lighthouse Singers as they minister in our church and community.

  15. Pray that those who are former choir members will return and devote their voices once again in service to God and as a witness to the congregation.

  16. Pray that our music ministry will return strong following such a long break from rehearsals due to the coronavirus.

  17. Pray for our music interns, Braydon Sowell and Cole Spears.

  18. Pray for our First Ringers (handbells) as they seek to praise the Lord through music, being obedient to bring Him glory in everything they do.

  19. Pray that the choir and orchestra will have a renewed sense of purpose and desire to serve the Lord as we enter a new season of ministry.

  20. Pray for our Worship Arts for Kids program on Sunday nights during the fall and spring.

  21. Pray for Ekklesia as they continue to grow musically and lead in worship and their experiences will continue to be on their mind and a challenge to them.

  22. Pray that rehearsals (for all groups) will be musically productive – working when it’s time to work, spiritually unifying – comforting and encouraging to one another, and fun – enjoying specific times of fellowship.

  23. Pray for the families of our choir and orchestra members while we are at rehearsals.

  24. Pray for Jonathan Canfield, James Prince, and all who work in the media and sound area during worship services.

  25. Pray that our Worship Arts Camp, although cancelled this summer, will come back strong next summer.

  26. Pray for our Choir Officers that they be led by the Spirit to be faithful and encouraging as they give leadership to our choir.

  27. Pray for our various ensembles as they prepare music and share the message of hope with others in our church and community.

  28. Pray for the choir and orchestra that the focus be on how we can give our very best each week as we lead in worship.  In addition, pray that Jesus will shine through the faces and voices of the choir.

  29. Pray for the future choir or orchestra member you are inviting to choir and orchestra.  Invite them this week.

  30. Pray – Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.  (Psalm 19:14)

  31. Pray for choir rehearsals as they begin next week, August 5, and orchestra rehearsals that resume on August 19.



It’s More than Music