Rehearsal Schedule

(not including the normal weekly rehearsal schedule)

All times are PM.

DATE / DAY   TIME       EVENT                                          


    1    Sunday         3:30 - 5:00   Orchestra rehearsal

                               5:00 - 6:30   Choir, Orchestra, Drama, Sound, Lighting

    4    Wednesday  6:30 - 9:00   Choir, Orchestra, Drama, Sound, Lighting

    8    Sunday         2:30             Call time (dressed and in place)

                               3:00             Christmas @ First

                               4:30             Dinner provided (FH)*

                               5:30             Call time (dressed and in place)

                               6:00             Christmas @ First

                                       * - Reservation required


Choir Dress

     Men:  Tuxedo coat & pant

               Black dress shirt

               Black socks & shoes

               Bowtie (provided-leave bowties at FBC following program)


     Women: Black hose or socks

                   Black closed toe shoes

                   CZ studs of something similar (no dangling earrings)

                   No other jewelry except wedding bands

                   Red lipstick will be provided

                   Wear plenty of blush

      Avoid wearing cologne/perfume

Orchestra Dress

     All black (Ladies pants - no skirts)



     Please park as far away from building as you are physically able. 

     Across Baxter-Duncan St., behind Children's Building, or at the far south-end of main

     parking lot.