Funeral Information for Jane Chambers


12:25pm - Meet in FBC Sanctuary* music will be in the Sanctuary for you

                      Park in the North Parking Lot or across Baxter-Duncan in the upper or lower lot

                      Enter through the 2nd floor Music Suite doors or the Fellowship Hall door

12:30       - Rehearse anthem and congregational music

  1:30       - Break*

  2:00       - Celebration of Life Service

* - Please observe social distancing guidelines at all times.


   Choir - Blue choir shirts and black pants

   Orch  - Black orchestra shirts and black pants

LINKS (click on the links below to open):

    Order of Service

    PDF Copy of "Thou, Oh Lord"

    Recording of "Thou, Oh Lord"

    Practice Trax: 

Thou, Oh Lord - Soprano Practice Trax
Thou, Oh Lord - Alto Practice Trax
Thou, Oh Lord - Tenor Practice Trax
Thou, Oh Lord - Bass Practice Trax